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The Interviewing Cloud is an always-on, scalable, and consistent human + tech solution for conducting technical interviews 24/7. Karat’s global network of Interview Engineers, unparalleled market intelligence, and purpose-built interviewing infrastructure open the pipeline for engineering talent, reduce pedigree bias, and deliver a superior candidate experience.

The world’s fastest-growing and largest enterprises such as Roblox, American Express, Intuit, Compass, and Wayfair trust Karat to unlock valuable engineering time, accelerate hiring, increase yield, and tackle strategic initiatives like DEI so they can focus on doing what they do best: innovation and growth. This white paper provides an overview of the benefits of the Karat Interviewing Cloud and introduces you to the features and services that make it work for your business.

The four advantages of the Interviewing Cloud

Increase engineering performance

Hire developers who can take your business where you want to go. With accurate signals, actionable insights, and industry benchmarks, you can continuously find, measure, and close
on top talent that will help you meet your engineering goals.

Improve the candidate experience

Ensure every candidate is engaged and has a positive experience to give you an edge as you compete for talent. Our expert-led interviews, combined with 24/7 scheduling and the option for a redo, ensure engineering candidates feel heard and valued.

Get top talent fast and efficiently

Reduce the burden on engineering resources and improve the overall productivity of your recruiting organization by letting Karat take care of initial interviews and assessments. Karat’s data-driven, predictive signal also helps you reduce the number of onsite interviews required to get the right hire.

Fair and equitable hiring

Let candidates schedule interviews at their convenience and show what they can do - reduce bias and create more equitable opportunities and assessments with a resume-free process. Karat’s unique analysis can help you further improve your hiring to be more diverse and inclusive.

“Karat’s Interviewing Cloud has been a game-changer for us. We’ve gotten back over 25,000 hours of developer time that we’re able to spend innovating and building products.”

Joseph Sirosh, CTO at Compass